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Program One is Ecole Talmidim's Discipleship School. It is FREE to the French people and designed to give our students a strong biblical foundation along with practical experience in ministry. In addition to foundational bible classes, students will have the opportunity to serve in various areas in a local Church, as well as, the Discipleship School.  Ecole Talmidim will partner with the Body of Christ in our neighboring Churches, as well as the community, to solidify our commitment to the vision and mission God has placed on our hearts. This will help students discover their gifts and callings. Students will experience mentorship and training by our experienced staff, instructors and ministers.

The Program One Discipleship School is separated into 4 different terms during the year.  The students will attend a four week course every month. Through each course, students’ will gain a deeper knowledge of the Word of God, as well as develop practical skills that will equip them for life and ministry.


Courses include:

In-depth study of specific books of the Bible: 

New Testament and Old Testament Surveys

In-depth studies of specific theological themes include, but are not limited to: 

What is Salvation? The Trinity, Evangelism, Being led by the Holy Spirit, Apologetics, Spiritual Warfare, The Life of Faith in God, Building Godly Relationships, Divine Healing, The Believer's Authority, Our Identity In Christ and The Life of Jesus Christ, just to name a few.

As the Lord continues to increase Ecole Talmidim, we will seek His wisdom and guidance in the vision and mission to lead us forward by adding not only to our curriculum, but increasing material resources and people to our Core Values of:

  • Putting the Word of God first place

  • Living by faith

  • Walking in love

  • Being led by His Spirit

  • Praying about everything 

  • Seeking & honoring God in all things

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